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Animation in a JavaScript Framework

We use Backbone with Marionette at work and while the combo does give us a lot, I’ve been increasily impressed with what I’m seeing in other frameworks.

A primary new feature in AngularJS is support for animation in templates. ”Animation,” you cry?! “We aren’t writing games!” Animation isn’t just for games, if used with care animation in a web app adds that last finishing touch that really says polished. The animations that have become so common in native mobile apps have raised the bar for web apps, even in the desktop browser.

The video in this post’s subject link is an introduction to animation in AngularJS. The point of the talk is to demonstrate how easy it is to animate. Remember that thing about ease… just like for unit testing, the more easy something is the more likely it’ll get done. If adding that animation is easy, it’s more likely that it’ll make its way into your web app. (but take care not to make your app look like an early 1990’s PowerPoint presentation!)

The source to the demo can be found at Mi┼íko Hevery’s github repo.